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Ask the Expert!

How often do I need to change my oil?

It depends. If you replace your oil with synthetic oil, you can go up to 6,000 miles before your next oil change. For a lot of people, that's only one or two times each year. Most newer cars require synthetic oil.
If you have an older car, you can choose natural oil. Your oil change will be less expensive, but you'll need to come back more frequently- usually after 3000 miles.
At Pleasant Street Shell, we use both natural and synthetic oil. And we'll attach a sticker to your car to remind you when to bring it back, so all you'll need to do is keep an eye on your odometer.

How can I help my tires last longer?

There are three factors that affect the life of your tires:Inflation, Rotation, Alignment
Inflation - You'll want to keep your tires at the manufacturers suggested air pressure level. This will extend the life of the tire - and, more importantly, an incorrectly inflated tire can affect the safety of your vehicle. Many service stations have air inflation machines, so you can take care of this yourself. Note sure what's right for your car? Bring it in and we'll show you how to check your tire pressure and inflate to the correct level.
Rotation - Have your tires rotated periodically to ensure that they are wearing evenly.
Alignment - If you bump a curb or get into even a minor accident, your alignment can be off. Alignment checks that your tires sit flat and are pointed straight ahead. You can align the front wheels only, or do all four. At Pleasant Street Shell, we can check your alignment and then take care of it right away if needed.
Tires are costly. Following these simple tips can help you get as much as 20,000-30,000 additional miles out of your tires.

Do I have to get my car fixed at the "dealer"?

Normally no. Pleasant Street Shell is familiar with all makes and models of automobiles. We know what needs to be done for your car and give you the honest advice you need. Our mechanics have the experience to diagnose your problem and get you back on the road quickly. Whether it's scheduled maintenance or a repair, you will usually see a substantial savings at Pleasant Street Shell.

I was told I need to fix my brakes- isn't that expensive?

Brake maintenance can take several forms. Our technicians know every part of your brake system and can do a comprehensive, routine inspection. Let us help you with your brake maintenance to keep your car safe and avoid costly repairs.

I'm buying a used car- how do I know if its worth the money?

Bring the car to Pleasant Street Shell. We can do a thorough inspection and let you know up front what the likely repairs will be over the next few years. This way you can make a smart buying decision and get the best deal!